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Stinky PuTang Strain

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Stinky PuTang
Bred by ThugPug Genetics

Indica 60%
Sativa 40%
Hybrid (Indica dominant)

Stinky PuTang by ThugPug Genetics

AKA The Stinky Putang, Mr. Stinky Putang
Stinky Putan, also known as "Stinky Putan," is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid strain (60% Indica, 40% sativa) created by crossing the classic strain Putan x Mr. Stinky. Named after a celebrity ancestor and strong odor, Stinky Putan provides benefits that extend from the head to the entire body. As the name suggests, Stinky Putan has a very strong odor of pungent gasoline, musty diesel, and spicy chemical orange. The flavor is heavy and not overpowering, but it has tart citrus orange overtones accented by spicy diesel and wet flavors. Poutan's fetid high comes almost as soon as you exhale, starting as a jolt in your brain that sends your mind and mood flying into space. A pleasant physical uplift then occurs, a warm wave of relaxation floods the body, aches and pains are alleviated, and you can settle into a sweet state of calm, eventually ending in sleep most of the time. Combined with its high THC content of 20-29% on average, these effects make Stinky Putan an excellent choice for treating conditions such as chronic stress and anxiety, depression and mood swings, and insomnia. . Stinky Pootan buds have oversized, heavy, conical, bright neon green buds with dusty hues, sparse orange hairs, and milky amber crystalline trichomes.