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Rainbow Pie Strain

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Rainbow Pie
Bred by GreenFire Genetics

Sativa 50%
Indica 50%

Rainbow Pie by GreenFire Genetics

AKA Blueberry Pie, Zkittlez
Rainbow Pie ​​is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa) created by crossing the delicious Grand Blueberry Pie x Zkittlez strains. This delicious strain packs amazing flavor and a pleasant high into each beautiful little bud. As the name suggests, this bud has a very delicious, creamy nutty blueberry flavor, accented with spicy floral notes. The aroma is reminiscent of freshly baked blueberry pie, with creamy nuttiness and a hint of earth. Rainbow Pie's high hits you with a gradual effect, with a slowly building euphoria creeping into your mind, calming you and gently pushing away bad moods and rushing thoughts. Next, your body will be filled with a light sensation, giving you a sense of physical relaxation and relief from pain. This relaxation can quickly take a toll on your mind, completely intoxicating you and alienating you from reality, even if you are very happy. This effect and its high THC content, which averages 27-30%, make Rainbow Pie ​​ideal for treating conditions such as chronic stress and anxiety, loss of appetite and nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and mood swings. It is often said that there is. . This bud has oversized, spade-shaped bright neon green buds with bright orange hairs, purple hues, and a layer of thick bluish-white crystalline trichomes.