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Cherry Cheesecake Strain

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Cherry Cheesecake
Bred by Cannabis Seeds

CBD 10

Cherry Cheesecake by Cannabis Seeds

AKA Kimbo Kush, Cherry Pie
Cherry Cheesecake is a cross between Kimbo Kush and Cherry Pie, popularized by San Francisco breeder Gold Seal. This indica-dominant strain is just one of many strains that take advantage of Cherry Pie's genetics and aspects of its name. The parent Cherry Pie is a legendary cross between GDP and Durban Poison. Many breeders worked on it, resulting in dozens of names. For example, Thug Pug Genetics has a Cherry Pie Bresse, while Kimbo Kush comes from breeder Exotic Genetix and is a mix of Black Berry Kush (Bubba Kush x Blackberry) and Starfighter F2 (Lemon Alien Dawg x Tahoe Alien). Masu. Basically, a bunch of OGs, chemicals, and sweet berries mix together to create an amazing aroma and tons of THC. Popular for indoor cultivation. Note: There are other varieties with cherry, cheese, and cake in their names. These are general terms. Most notable is his two black cherry cheesecakes. Another legendary black cherry cheesecake, crossed with Oregon's Scapegoat Genetics (GSC x Blue Power) variety and TGA Genetics' Black Cherry Soda, Super Silver Haze, and cheese. Scapegoat is still actively developing their Black Cherry Cheesecake, which has been a huge success.
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