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War against ourselves

Stop having wars and come together to focus on a possible alien invasion one day

I've never experienced war first hand, fortunately for me I guess. I've always experienced it through the news. I am 43 years old when I was very young I remember a war in-between by country and Iraq resulting in trading cards glamorizing it more or less. The cars would show our countries weapons, but I don't remember if they showed what weapons were in Iraq.


I did join the military in the USAF but did not see war. I got out 10 months before 9/11. I should've been still enlisted but I was released early. It doesn't really matter at this point.


Now there is a war between Russia and Ukraine. Many innocent people have been killed, but the ones who have made the decision to create this war and cause so many deaths still are doing well and obviously aren't concerned with the thousands of deaths mounting from children to men and women. 


Recently it seems other countries such as North Korea, China, and Iran are beginning to embrace the war and supply munitions or other support. There seems to be constant talk about the West being a short future target since they have helped the Ukrainians fight back against the aggressor.


I always thinking that one day we will encounter others who live outside of our planet that may not be friendly. There have been so many sightings of UFOs, etc., and we don't yet know if they are friendly or not. Yet we still wage war upon ourselves.


I don't see mankind being around for many many more years. 


If we would figure out what all of our governments want, across the world then maybe we can help each other and avoid future wars and begin to prepare our human race for any future invasion... Although likely, they would be further advanced than us and we would have no chance anyway, but that is another story. The story now is that, the way I see it, there is no need for war. 


What is the wanted outcome for war? To gain more land? To have the civilians in other regions pay taxes to your




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